The McBride's

The McBride's

Wednesday, March 6, 2013


Random pictures from the month of January (yes I'm a little behind!)  So the majority of them are of David because I just like him best right now... I'm KIDDING!  He just is changing the most and let's be honest he doesn't do much on the beach or on the hikes so he needs his time to shine! ;)
Ryan and Eric she LOVES to put her arm around him.  Cracks me up!

Sweet big sister LOVES her little brother!
They love to randomly ask me to take pictures of them.

LOVES bathtime LOVES it!

Just thought they were cute ready for church.
And this little stud.

Crashed on the floor with Ryan's blankie.  Only when dad has him he would NEVER fall asleep like this for me. :)

My little monkey.

Superbowl still representing even if they didn't quite make the superbowl. HA!

Also superbowl day just enjoying having pictures with me in them! :)  Does that sound conceited?  I'm usually behind the camera...


Cristine said...

LOVE David in the tie!!!!!

Amber said...

I love being able to watch your little family (well, not so little anymore!) grow. Thanks for sharing. It was so fun to see you guys at Thanksgiving

The Grows said...

I love to so pictures with you in them too. Many I wish we lived closer, the kids are growing up too fast.