The McBride's

The McBride's

Tuesday, November 11, 2014


When we got back from Arizona we still had a couple weeks before school started back up.  We wanted to make the most of those couple weeks so as soon as Lex got rid of her fever she got on the plane, we were ready to hike Hawaii again!  I've wanted to do this hike for a while.  It's on a different side of the island than where we usually hike so the veiws were different.  It's long (just over 5 miles) but it's mostly flat so I knew the kids (and me carrying David!) could handle it.  So as soon as Ashley mentioned wanting to do it too, I was in!  The hike (more of a dirt road that cars can't go down) is Ka'ena Point.  It is the westernmost tip of Oahu.  It can actually be reached from our side of the island (Southwest) or from the North.  We seemed to be the only ones coming in from our side but there were quite a few coming in from the North.  It was absolutely beautiful.  The kids did a fantastic job and we only had barely a handful of complaints for maybe the last mile (and some of those were from me David was getting HEAVY!)  The weather was cooperative (overcast for part of the trip which is good so the sun wasn't beating down on us.)  All in all it was a super succesful and fun hike.
These views!

The hike was along the ocean the whole way which made for a breathtaking constant view!

The kiddos doing their thing!

Loved this rock formation.

Made it to point.  Took our shoes off and spent some fun time in the sand!

The right of this is where we came in and if you go to the left you are heading to the North Shore.

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