The McBride's

The McBride's

Sunday, November 30, 2014


Random September pictures! 
This is David's buddy Sergio.  Sergio loves David and thinks he is still the baby from last year when he met him even though David is now much taller and bigger than his 1 year older friend!  ;)  Such Cuties!

One day Ryan was sitting her doing this pose.  I asked her if she was meditating to which she replied, "no MOM it's YODA!"  HAHAHA!

Our sweet friend Eric was in the hospital for over a week!  He is fine now (thank goodness!)  But we got to enjoy Anya for that whole time and the girls loved it!  This was laundry day and so Anya had to wear one of my shirts as pajamas and the girls decided to get on shirts that were way too big as well!  Solidarity sisters.  And just adorable!

At Subway crammed onto one bench with tons of other open seats.  Happy as can be.

This girl has the best bed head.  On this particular morning she got up while I was getting ready and had gone to the bathroom.  When I went to say good morning she came out pointed at her hair and said, "MOM LOOK AT MY HAIR?!!"  She rocks that bed head!

They love their movie nights!  David watched for maybe 30 seconds...

Love this kids snuggles in the morning!

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