The McBride's

The McBride's

Friday, November 21, 2014


Random August Pictures...
Alexis ran for her first Student Counsel Position.  She picked secratary (along with about 20 other kids! HA!)  She didn't win but she had a LOT of fun making her posters and handouts.  We looked at TONS of slogans and she really loved I Might Be a Rookie but I'm One Smart Cookie!  So cute.  She also did a fantastic job on her speech!  So proud of her.

Ashley got Lexi and Hannah these sew it yourself dolls and the girls loved making them and still constantly play with them!

David is working on rolling out the aches from his running.

One random day we went over to Cristines and then proceded to spend the next 6 hours doing a puzzle.  HAHA.  Total nerds and completely FUN!

Ryan regularily asks me to take a picture of her.  She was adorable in this one so I had to share.

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