The McBride's

The McBride's

Wednesday, November 19, 2014


With all the races I do these kids have gotten the racing bug!  They love the color runs and then Ashley told me about the Spartan kids run.  I was sure they would love it and I was right!!  They all had so much fun and all 4 of them ran their little hearts out.  David was too young but he will get in on the action as soon as he is old enough!!  It was a fun day for the kids and it was all about them! 
Parking ready to go!

David had to get in on the number tats!

Ryan and Will ready to go.  We missed their starting time and didn't want to wait a full hour for the next one so the lady said they could go with the 7 and 8 year olds but they would have to start a few seconds after the rest of the group.   Only thing is not only did they catch up with the other kids Will was second and Ryan was third!!

Proud of her medal!

Alexis and Hannah ready to go!  They both raced really well too and I can't remember what number Lex was but top 5 for sure!


Racing for the loot!  (And the tshirts! ;))

Lex had to let David hold her medal so he could feel like he raced too.

Spartan Finishers in their shirts and medals!

These 3 have my heart!

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