The McBride's

The McBride's

Friday, August 16, 2013


You knew Trav wasn't going to be on leave for 3 weeks without going on a hike right??  We actually did 2 family hikes, (1 was Pu'u Pia with one of Trav's friends from work and his family but since we've done that hike before we didn't take pictures) 1 hike just Trav and I and 1 hike Travis did with Nate (those pics will all be coming up!)  The hiking in Hawaii is incredible and we haven't even hit half of the trails Travis has found and wants to do (although not all are family friendly...)
This hike was Pu'u Ohi'a Trail.  It is probably my favorite as far as pay off at the end of Honolulu but that's partly because you kinda cheat and drive a good way of the way up.  I also loved the bamboo forest we walked through although I got a little nervous because they are banging against each other so loud I thought for sure they were going to come crashing down on us!  It was also REALLY muddy when we went (and even sprinkled on us a few times.) I really don't mind hiking in mud but there were some good drop offs and I got nervous a couple times with the girls and David on Trav's back but everyone was great. 
Love the city and behind that a great view of Diamond Head.

Our little Vanna's.

Isn't the bamboo so cool??  This is probably my favorite trail also b/c I really loved the bamboo and the sounds it was making were so cool.

Our little hiking family!

The sticks really helped with the mud and it was fun to teach the girls how to use hiking sticks!  So proud of them.

My goofy girls.  Note the mud everywhere on their bottom halves.

So cute.  Lexi loves to wear all pink and Ryan obviously all blue!

This was technically the only picture from Pu'u Pia but I'm just sticking it on this post b/c I love that David still falls asleep on hikes and doesn't let go of his snack to do it!

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