The McBride's

The McBride's

Thursday, August 29, 2013


Did you know there are other cool things to do in Hawaii besides the beach and hiking?  We were excited to hit up the Bishop Musuem while Trav was on leave.  The Bishop Museum is a science and history museum.  They change their exhibits often and while we were there it was dinosaurs!  They were so cool and life like.  The girls LOVED it (not true for all kids especially the 3 year old little girl that ran out screaming and crying!)  There was a planetarium, (no pictures since it was so dark) a science area,where they learned about volcanos and bugs and sounds, and we also went in the Hawaiian History area but didn't make it in there long since David (who slept through most of it) woke up and was ready to go!  It was a fun afternoon and we will be back especially when we see what the next exhibit will be!
Lex and Ry front row watching how the lava forms.

I thought this was really cool (and the sideways picture...)
The dinosaur area also had some ice age animals.  They moved and everything.  I know I'm  like a kid but SO cool!

Hatching dinosaur eggs.

Ryan had to keep one eye on the dinos at all times! HA!

This was hilarious!  It said smell Dino poo (because that smells different than other animals?)  Lexi did it first and didn't tell Ryan.  They were both grossed out!  I did not test it out!

Volcano slide

Ryan's Turn.

Chilling on the slug!

So sweet! 

The Hawaiian Histroy area.  It was BEAUTIFUL!  The wood alone was worth the visit!

Old grass huts! (Hale Pili in Hawaiian)

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