The McBride's

The McBride's

Sunday, August 25, 2013


Yes, this is entirely selfish.  I still have probably 10 posts from the past 2 months (including 2 other runs!) but I'm posting my Glow run post first because well, I want to. HA!  I realized a couple weeks ago that I have been running these races slightly backwards...  First I did 10k so I started with 6 miles, then a half marathon, an 8k, a 5k (timed) and last night was my first "fun run."  No time, no pressure, just running for fun!  I have never claimed to be a normal person! 
Running has become such a part of my life.  I run to excersize but also it has become something I love, something to clear my head, and something to help me feel accomplished.  I know you pretty much either love running or hate it BUT I do think most people can learn to love it if they want to...  Especially it they do these great fun 5k's that they have EVERYWHERE now a days.  We ran through lights, fog, bubbles, disco lights, foam, and thousands of people. The atmosphere was amazing and it was the PERFECT girls night.  After the run we had so much adrenaline pumping through us we were laughing the whole way home!  Thanks for a great night ladies and people if there is anyone out there still reading my blog sign up for a fun run ASAP!
Cristine and I rocking our socks and awesome earings.  The Glow Run was basically a night run with everyone wearing as much glow stuff and bright colored clothes as possible!

It was at the Aloha Stadium and I wish I took pics while we were running but I was just soaking it all in!

First in line at the start line!  We were a little excited... (Brooke, me, Cristine, DeeDee) Note random creeper guy in the back.

Now note random creeper guys photo bombing! HA!

Finish line!  We were so bright we were GLOWING!  Loved the light up lei's!

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