The McBride's

The McBride's

Friday, August 30, 2013


Cristine and Nate's anniversary is the July 21st and ours is the the 24th.  Leave went through the 24th so we decided to swap kids for 2 WHOLE days each!!  The kids were also thrilled with this since they got to have 4 nights of sleep overs!  They had so much fun together!!  Lexi and Anya gave each other their first make overs, we took them to the Kroc center, (a gym Travis and I recently joined that has a FANTASTIC pool for kids!)  they also played games, stayed up way too late watched too much t.v. and ate way too much sugar.  It was a success!!
Showing off their manis.

They rock the blue eye shadow.

David got in on some of the sleep over fun! 

Hanging at the pool (I didn't get a picture of Lex and Anya b/c they spent most of their time on those two big slides in the back ground!)


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