The McBride's

The McBride's

Monday, August 26, 2013


I guess I may as well catch up on all my races to date!
The Mango Days 5K was the final race in the Tropical Triple Crown.  A 5k is only 3.1 miles.  Basically you should be pushing your pace the entire run but man is that hard to do! I am really proud of my time and how I ran but I can't wait to get a better time at my next timed 5k (which is not on the books due to not blowing every dollar Travis earns on races!)  This one was at the same place as the 5k which is a great area to run.  I went with Lindsay and Brooke again (this was a little less than a month after the 8k.)  We had a great run and I'm so glad I have so many friends who are into this running thing as much as I am! Next up is another "fun run" 5k and after that another 8k.  I MAY have an addiction but there are worse things that I could be addicted to!
Before the race and this time Lindsay was smart enough to get the picture in front of the ocean!

And after (it was SO hot and sticky!) My time for this run was 31:45. 

And our after at IHOP of course!  This is something I don't get about these races... After they always have water and gatoraide and DONUTS or COOKIES?  WHY?  The last thing I want is straight sugar  after I run.  Eggs and carbs is what we go for at IHOP! :) 

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