The McBride's

The McBride's

Wednesday, June 3, 2015


The kids last day of school at Barber's Point.  They really enjoyed going to school here and despite my concerns of "schools in Hawaii"  I feel like they had great teachers and they made lots of friends that will be missed.  Alexis is now a 5th grader and Ryan is in 2nd! Where has the time gone???
This was her first day of 4th grade.

Her last day with her teacher Ms. Higa.  She loved 4th grade and continued to impress me with how smart she is and what a great student.  She LOVES to learn!

Ry on her first day of 1st grade.

I feel like she looks so much older... Ryan and her 1st grade teacher Ms. Kim

Sweet Ryan, She makes friends like crazy.  She loves so hard.... When I got to school on the last day I looked in on her and she was crying.  Sobbing really.  I thought she was hurt and her teacher was not paying attention to her so I walked in and asked her teacher what was going on... Ms. Kim felt so bad and said she had told all the kids that wouldn't be returning next year to make sure to say extra good byes and when she named Ryan, sweet, loves everyone Ryan, broke down in tears.  She built up a smile to get a picture with her closest few girlfriends and then started crying again when we left...  I know she will make new friends and she will love them just as fiercely but it never gets easier to say goodbye. 

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