The McBride's

The McBride's

Friday, June 19, 2015


There aren't a lot of hikes over on our side of the Island (the west side... I think I've said this before but it's the "desert side" of the island so the hiking we do is usually on the east side.)  So this is Pu'u O Hulu and it's really close to us so we decided to hit it up.  It was Falisha, Ashley, and I and this time Travis was off work so he braved hiking with all the women and kids!  It was a pretty warm day and this hike was FULL sun and fairly steep especially for David.  So it was slow going but we made it to the top.  This hike has 5 different pill boxes you can hit along the way and then the view of my beautiful side of the island was incredible!! 
One of the coolest trees I have ever seen (and there are some cool trees on this island!) You could see the roots growing down the mountain and they are bright white! Kids thought it was pretty cool too!

That view!  This isn't even the top of the hike!

The kids trying to get some shade! And Ashley carrying Hannah (who wasn't feeling well.) rock star style!

Selfie with my Lexi!

We did a lot of trading off with David and it helped him move along!

At the top and you can see other people down there hiking from one of the other pill boxes.

Will and Ryan getting some Tucker snuggles.

David found a nice spot to enjoy the view. HAHA!

Look at these sweet siblings!!

My fun hiking family!

This was at one of the other pill boxes that had a bit of a more narrow trail so Travis and the girls headed up there and David and I opted to stay at the lower pill boxes.  It had a flag at the top! (This is the Hawaiian flag although I always think it looks like the British flag!)

Look how cute we are. :)

Love hiking with this man!!  I love everything with him!

Being silly by my cool tree!

The girls!

Love this panoramic shot!

The mountains!

Okay last one of the cool tree!

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