The McBride's

The McBride's

Saturday, June 20, 2015


Ashley talked about trying to get a cabin on the beach and she was able to book one for a weekend (shockingly because these book a year out!)  They are through the military and they are 2 bedroom cabins DIRECTLY on the beach!!!  They had kitchens and living rooms with a pull out couch so we all fit easily for the weekend and we were able to cook our own food (they even had grills on the back porches!)  Oh my gosh it was an AMAZING weekend!  The weather could not have been more perfect and the company wasn't too bad either. ;)  We even had another family come out and spend one of the days with us.  Who wouldn't want to spend the whole weekend on the beach???  Can we go back and do it again tomorrow???

Our home for the weekend!  The best part was there was also a park that happened to be right by our cabin so when the kids got tired of the water they could take a break at the playground and we could see and hear them from our cabin!  (We went through a LOT of sunscreen!)
View from our back porch.  I could have stayed here for a month!

Ryan and David heading to the park! We lived in our swimsuits. :)

The beach! 

My pic to brag to everyone on the mainland...

The 4 older kids didn't get out of the water much at all.

David was pretty dang happy too!

How we spent our time.

We even woke up early enough one morning to catch the sunrise and it was absolutely worth it!!!

So thankful he has given me these unbelievable opportunities and chance to make the greatest friends!!

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