The McBride's

The McBride's

Thursday, June 4, 2015


After hiking in the morning on the first day of summer vacation in Hawaii you change directly into your swimsuit and head to a beach you've never been to before because it's not raining anymore!  I have never been to this beach before and we had it almost completely to ourselves.  The best part?  It is a BEAUTIFUL beach!  I think the reason it's not visited by many is because it's a dog beach but it was very clean and we had no issues.  It's on the air force base and it is shallow water for a WAYS out!  There is a sandbar (that was there when we first got there so we sat up our camp there but then the tide came in and we had to move! :))  and there are these trees or bushes or something in the middle of water way out in the ocean because the water is so shallow.  I don't feel like I'm explaining this well at all but bottom line?  Another beautiful beach day in Hawaii!
This was from the sandbar.

Perfect for David!

Hey girl! :)

The tree/bush thing!  It was the coolest thing!  This was pretty far away from shore (during low tide and you can see how shallow the water is!)

Me, Ashley, and Falisha

Ryan and Will show casing our sandbar.

Our sandbar (that's right we owned it... Till the tide came anyway...)

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