The McBride's

The McBride's

Tuesday, June 9, 2015


You didn't think we would have visitors and not take them on a hike did you?? :)  Mary and George wanted to do a pretty fall hike that wasn't too difficult so I took them to Monoa Falls.  I've said before this one is super touristy but on the day we went it was the most packed I've ever seen it.  Despite the rain and most muddy I've ever seen it.  There were people EVERYWHERE!  We still made it to the top and got to enjoy the beautiful waterfall.  We even ran into some friends from the neighborhood there! 

This shows how many people were there.  It wasn't like this the whole way up but we would get bottle necked with huge crowds of people!

The first sighting is always so pretty!

We made it!  Wet and muddy but they did it.  This was David's first time doing the whole thing on his own and he did really well!

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