The McBride's

The McBride's

Sunday, June 21, 2015


My mom finally made it for a visit!!!  Mike and my mom came to visit us and I was so happy they made it before we left the island!  We hiked and beached a LOT!  And here are a few other things we did while they were here (don't worry the hiking and beaching pictures are soon to follow!)
One of our very first stops was Leanords for some good old fashioned Portuguese donuts!   Oh man these things are addicting!  They have a few different flavors but they are all THE BOMB!! 

My mom got to celebrate her birthday in Hawaii so we took them to one of our favorite restaurants right on the water! It was a beautiful sunset in paradise!
Love my mom and I LOVE her being a grandma to my kiddos! She is an awesome grandma!

We hit up Chinatown for the first time and the kids loved exploring!

So of course we had some DECLICIOUS Chinese food!

And my mom got to see the most perfect double rainbow I've ever seen in Hawaii!  It was absolutely amazing!  This was taken from my DRIVEWAY!  Oh the beauty!!

We said goodbye at our favorite breakfast spot Koa Pancake House!  We love you mom and Mike!  Thanks for coming!

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