The McBride's

The McBride's

Saturday, June 27, 2015


I have so many pictures from this day and they're not really in order either...  Great blogger over here! Haha!  One other great thing with my mom here is she basically makes us go on a date!!  Not only that but she was willing to watch Ashley's kids so we could go on a double date (it may have mostly been an Ashley/Monica date but the boys had fun too.)  Ashley had been bugging me about how I HAD to kayak out to Chinaman's hat before I left Hawaii because she had done it with one of her friends and loved it!  So we were able to rent 2 kayaks and head out for what turned out to be an amazing and gorgeous day in Hawaii!!  We did everything Hawaii has to offer in one day!  We kayaked out to Chinamans hat, hiked up to the very top (more rock climbing NOT my favorite but worth it...)  Then we snorkeled around the entire island where we saw tons of fish, awesome shells, beautiful coral and we swam right next to the HUGEST turtle I have ever seen!!!  Then we kayaked back and got some Huli Huli chicken for a late lunch!  AMAZING and EPIC doesn't even begin to describe this super fun day!!
See not in order.  Pretty sure this was on our way back down (as much as I LOVE hiking I don't love coming back down.  I go slower coming down then going up... So we were behind Ashley and Andrew. Poor Travis.)

It's hard to see but this was at the top and we saw a turtle in the water before we even got in!

Part of where we came up!

That view???  Oh my gosh!

My little island of Oahu!

LOVE this shot Ashley got!  It's actually a canvas on my wall now!  I have never been on a kayak before so on the way out I was not so good but I think I got the hang of it!!

From a distance! See why it's called Chinaman's Hat??

HAHA this picture cracks me up because I think this was us trying to get ready (there was ONE other couple up there so we were able to get some pics of all of us!)  Obviously Ashley and I know how to quickly strike poses.

There's a cute one with all of us!


One of the boys tried taking pictures of us but they didn't do it right.

So we took matters into our own hands.

See out of order... This was going up.  Trav is so patient with me (usually) on the way down he was guiding me exactly where to put my feet.  Sweet husband.  PS Ashely told me this was a super easy hike with no real rock climbing.  She lied.

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