The McBride's

The McBride's

Sunday, June 14, 2015


Mango Days 5K!  Part of the tropical triple crown that I did 2 years ago (I didn't get to do all of them last year because I was in AZ) and was excited to do again this year!  (It has the half marathon, a 5K, and an 8K) The best part of this race was actually NOT my shiny new PR it was making Ashley wear these awesome Running Partners shirt.  She is not a fan of matching or expressing PDA so I knew this would be a perfect birthday present for her and then made her wear it. HAHAHA!  I even made sure that she got the Partners side so mine just said Running.  Honestly, I am such a good friend.  In all seriousness she helped me get a new PR with an 8:26 average which considering my first goals in running (after just finishing) was an under 30 minute 5k which took me a few races to get and now I'm at 26 minutes.  She is able to push me and at the end when I almost died (no really I did) she kept yelling at me RUN!!  :)  Great race!
Look how happy she is to have on her awesome shirt!!!

Never mind she put her bib on so you couldn't see it at all.

Always fun to run into Violet and this time she forced Kate to come too AND we remembered a picture!

Our cute race shirts at Denny's!

Helping me ring my PR bell!

And a few illegally obtained pics. ;)

This is not a pretty picture but it made me feel like I knew I gave it everything I had!

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