The McBride's

The McBride's

Monday, June 22, 2015


What? We took our visitors on a hike?? Of course we did!!  Lulumahu is one we've done before and would do it again.  It's pretty short (maybe 30 minutes WITH David walking.) And the payoff is BEAUTIFUL!  Gotta a waterfall hike in when you're in Hawaii!!  When we first got to the waterfall it was PACKED!  I was so disappointed because the first time we did this hike we passed ONE other group (granted it was pouring rain that day...) Luckily that huge group left not long after we got there and we had the waterfall almost completely to ourselves the rest of the time!  We spent a lot of time just playing in the water and enjoying being outside.

These silly monkeys!

Mommy and another silly monkey!

When we first got there the girls insisted they wanted to climb up the first part of the falls which made me a bit nervous because I'm not very good at that kind of thing but they had zero issues! :)

I told David to not get to wet because he was going to have to walk back in those clothes but he listened as well as a 3 year old.

The girls at the top of the first part of the waterfall (TONS of people Y'all!)

At least we could get one of them to take a picture! :) (This was actually after some of them started to trickle out)

Once we got the place to ourselves we decided to climb on up!!

Yep just a little wet...

Teaching Mike the art of the selfie stick. HA!

Heading back!  Loving the vegetation.

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