The McBride's

The McBride's

Monday, December 8, 2014


Ryan and Lex both begged to play soccer again.  Okay they really didn't have to beg.  As long as they keep asking I will be happy to sign them right up!  They both play their little hearts out and continue to improve and they both absolutely love it.  I'm so proud of them and they are already signed up for the spring season!
Alexis's team was undefeated and even was asked to play against another team in another league (all through AYSO just a different part of the island.)  Her coach was beyond amazing.  This girl has been blessed by the best coaches and this season was no different.  Coach Joe was firm but fun and he made those girls run and practice their hearts out.  He was super fair and made sure everyone played where they wanted but also saw their strong points and encouraged those!  She had a great season even though she was on the smaller/younger side of her age group.  She is thrilled that almost all of her team mates will be with her again next season as well as her coach! Go Pink Jaguars!

Ryan loved her teammates and she did really well with kids who were quite a bit bigger than she was.  She stuck with it and worked hard!  She continues to be her fun loving self.  Unfortunately, her coach was not quite as fair... He worked well with the girls during practice and was definitely knowledgable about soccer.  He wanted to win.  Every game.  Which they actually did.  But he played favorites and Ryan got frustrated that she would play the same position (that she didn't even want to play) and not get to play as often as she would have liked (and would have been fair.)  To be honest, I'm not an "everyone should get a trophy" type of mom but, this league is for learning and she can't learn when she doesn't get to play.  Fortunately she also gets to be on the same team next season and with all her same teammates but another dad is coaching and he stepped in a few times when our coach couldn't be there and did a fantastic job!  This season went fine and Ryan was perfectly happy but I think next season is going to be wonderful! Go Dark Dragons!

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