The McBride's

The McBride's

Monday, December 15, 2014


And just like that I'm onto random November pictures!!

My smart little girl.  She just looked over at me and said look mom I made a speed boat.  It was complete with a steering wheel!  She's such a smartie!

Ryan and I ended up both being sick on the same day and she just wanted to cuddle.  David was however feeling just fine and this is how we spent most of the day... :)

The saddest little sick face. :(

Oh ya this is going on here.  My bestie had her third baby!!  Addison Marie.  She's perfect and I can not wait to meet her!!

The day Ryan was sick they had a fun run at school and Cortney sent me this picture of Lex.  Like mother like daughter??

We've had a few chilly days and Lex decided to enjoy the weather with a book and some blankets.  She can't get enough books!

Ryan made this cute turkey at school.  She was so proud!

We love our sleepovers!!  Movie time!

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