The McBride's

The McBride's

Tuesday, December 9, 2014


The past few months we've had a bunch of random colds and fevers.  I have no idea why and they all seem fairly short lived thank goodness but the poor girls have been switching off missing fun activities... One of those activities was a Halloween night at the Library.  Ashley and her kids went and so did the Holtgrewe's... Unfortunately Lex was running a fever and had to stay home but fortunately Ashley offered to take Ry anyways and she had a good time and brought home some goodies for Lex (who had already received some get well goodies from Anya and Eric earlier in the day.)  We have some great friends!
Anna at the Library with Harry Potter and Hermoine.

Ashley sent this to me and said Ryan really wanted her picture taken with this guy. HAHA!

Luckily by the time our ward Trunk or Treat rolled around all kids were healthy and ready to go.  We invited Hannah and Will and the kids all had a great time!!

Our Frozen Family.  Let me just justify these costumes really quick.  I know that EVERY little girl this year was Elsa.  BUT, I loved this movie as much as the next kid and my favorite part was I felt like these sisters were just like my girls.  Down to the hair color AND personality.  Lex the more reserved practical and smart sister and Ryan the more crazy fun loving sister.  I just HAD to do it!  Plus the girls were thrilled and David LOVED that Olaf costume (also totally fits his personality although I do think it fits most toddler personalities... ;)) Anytime the hat would slip off he would yell HAT mama HAT!

Love Ryan's pose and how the ninja turtle (Will) kept his distance obviously protecting the girls and baby!

Ryan's friend from church ran over and said take a picture of me with Ryan!!

I don't dress up for Halloween usually but Ashley saw these costumes the day OF the Trunk or Treat for half off.  Couldn't resist being my favorite color crayon and matching because you all know how much I LOVE matching!!

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