The McBride's

The McBride's

Saturday, December 27, 2014


We had a few Christmas activities to do before Christmas.  I love Christmas and I love the activities but I think my kids love them more.  I bought gingerbread house kits (yes I went the lazy route...) and these girls must have asked me at least 25 times before we actually had time to do them!  They really enjoyed doing these.  David enjoyed eating all of his candy between putting a little frosting on his house.  I even made him a little door out of frosting and when I went to get my camera he ate the entire thing...  HAHA.  He's into everything these days!

 Anya and Eric were over when we decorated our tree and when we had our Ward Christmas Party.  The kids loved decorating and they had so much fun at the party none of them wanted to leave!!  They sang, decorated cupcakes, made ornaments and they sang some songs!  It was a fun night!
Pants for 2 year olds are optional in the McBride house.

Church Christmas outfits!

These kids are my whole world.

Not bad of a self timer! :)

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