The McBride's

The McBride's

Sunday, December 14, 2014


Thanksgiving Day was absolutely perfect.  Only I took next to NO pictures!  The kids literally ate dinner in their pajamas (they had stayed the night at the Holtgrewe's so I could run that morning.)  We played, cooked, and lounged all day.  It was absolutely perfect. The Holtgrewe's are leaving Hawaii earlier than we had planned and we have decided to just be in denial about it but it's hard to not have it on our mind that this was probably our last Thanksgiving with them for a while.  We love them so much and it's crazy that we won't be together again... But we made it 3 years before and we can do it again so until they leave we will continue to deny it to ourselves and just try to enjoy as much time as possible!!!
This boy LOVES I mean LOVES his Uncle NayNay.  Wherever Nate is David is not far away.

My girl.  I love her.  That is all.

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