The McBride's

The McBride's

Friday, December 5, 2014


Up first on our R&R agenda was some date time!  We had signed up for a Shark Cage dive during leave before Travis left to deploy but due to rough waters it had to be canceled so that was definitely on the to do list!  Did you know they don't have to chum the waters?  It's an old fishing area so the sharks are used to boats who provide food so they associate the motors of the boat with food even though they don't get food anymore!  We counted 8 different galapago's and one barracuda! We also saw a turtle on the beach before we headed out so it was a great sealife day!
Once we were down in the cages it was absolutely amazing (and only slightly scary.)  We felt safe in the cage but I defintely got a little jumpy and holding onto the cage still made me nervous they could get my fingers!  What an amazing experience.  Now Alexis and Ryan are talking about wanting to swim with sharks! HAHA!
Our "before" pic excited and ready!

Our turtle.

The barracuda looked like it was covered in glitter to me.

Yep this was taken right off the side of our boat.

Oh hey little shark!

Travis and liked to dive down to the bottom more than the others in the cage with us...  You got a cooler view.

We ended our afternoon with some dole whip at the Dole Plantation of course!  I love this man.

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