The McBride's

The McBride's

Monday, December 29, 2014


Christmas time!!  Christmas Eve we had the Holtgrewe's over along with my dad and Ruth.  We had my traditional appetizers for dinner and then we just hung out and enjoyed the night.  Since we gave all the kids Christmas presents early it was adorable when they all broke out with homemade gifts for each other.  They love each other so much!!  We also got our Christmas Eve pajamas and the kiddos looked adorable!!!
Showing off their gifts!

Christmas Eve pajamas!

I got some new jammies too! ;) Love these 3!

Christmas Day was seriously PERFECT!!!  The kids woke up about 7.  We went downstairs and opened stockings.  Then I put the Breakfast casserole into the oven that I had made the night before and we unwrapped all of our presents.  After that we seriously did NOTHING!  We stayed in pajamas, went outside and played for a little bit, took naps, watched movies, ate leftovers, and played games. Obviously the ONLY thing that could have made it a better day was if Travis was home...  I love Christmas!  Here are a few shots.  I didn't take a whole lot of pics but to those who got us gifts THANK YOU!

This cutie with his stocking stuff.

Ryan got a new, to her, kindle!

Grandpa helping David with his new tool table.  ADORABLE!

Love this picture but I didn't take it David loves my camera!

My dad and Ruth got me this tree ornament gnome!  LOVE!!!
Grandma Kerry made Lex these awesome letters cut out of books!  They say I love to Read!  She loved them! (After she got over the fact that she couldn't read them because they were cut! HAHA!  My little bookworm!)

Ryan set up her gifts including her shirt in the piano. So cute!

Happy girl.

He really got it this Christmas and unwrapped all his gifts and got impatient waiting for everyone else's turn! :)

Playing with Tuckers present!

At the end of the night coloring in their new coloring books!!

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