The McBride's

The McBride's

Sunday, December 14, 2014


Alexis has been asking to take piano for a couple years.  I tried to start with the basics (about as much as I know...)  but we just weren't consistint enough so we decided now was the time to get her started with lessons.  She has loved her teacher and I'm impressed with how well she has taken to it.  Even 4 months in she still begs to practice as often as she remembers.  They did their first recital and it was a great recital.  Alexis did a fantastic job and I'm so proud.  I love the piano and listening to people who play.  I hope she continues to love it!!
All ready to go.

Sweet sisters.

She played through each of her songs once and then her teacher joined in with her on a duet for the second time through.

After the recital.  Her friend Hannah is also taking lessons and yes they have matching dresses.  It wasn't even me either.  I picked out 4 dresses for Lex to choose from and this was the one she picked (also their Christmas dresses and I maybe liked a different one better but these kids are getting to that age where they have their own opinion.  Dangit. :))

I love this! Her dress started to fly up in the wind and I love that I caught the reaction on camera!

THANKFULLY Cristine and Nate offered to watch David so I could actually watch Lexi's recital so after we went and picked him up and of course we had to go out for froyo!

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