The McBride's

The McBride's

Tuesday, December 16, 2014


This was the easiest and cutest way to see Santa I have probably ever been to.  The best part was it was right up the street at the Library!  They had a small puppet show and before that started they handed out numbers so you didn't have to wait in line.  We got there early so we were 1 and The Holtgrewe's were 2!  It started at 6:30 and we were home by 7:30.  The kids enjoyed the puppet show and I got to take my own pictures!  This was also a super sweet Santa who even listened to the kids talk about the letters they wrote him.  Thanks for the invite Holtgrewe's!
Waiting for Santa in flip flops because, you know, Hawaii. :)

These sweetie pies watching the puppet show (side note they called up volunteers to help with the puppets and one was angels but the lady said if you hold an angel you have to BE an angel all day tomorrow.  Lexi looked over and said I'm NOT raising my hand.  HAHAHAHA That girl...)

Telling Santa and his cute elf about their notes.

I love Christmas!! 

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