The McBride's

The McBride's

Monday, December 15, 2014


I'm starting this post by saying the last 4 things I've posted were from this past weekend which means 1) we had a CRAZY busy and FUN weekend!! and 2)  For the first time since moving to Hawaii I am caught up!!  What??!  :)
The kids were invited to Hannah and Will's birthday party which was being held at Ice Palace.  Yes there is a skating rink in Hawaii!  Alexis went ice skating once in Georgia with Travis (which she remembered and I didn't.)  Ryan has never been.  Both girls did really well!  I was super impressed.  Ryan used the helper thing for a while but also was able to get on the ice on our own and actually went around pretty well.  Lex pretty much got it.  She fell a couple times but she was pretty much a rock start.  David had a lot of fun... making me hold him up and basically just skate him around.  HAHA!  The party was 3:45-5:45 but we ended up staying till after 7 skating we were having so much fun!  The girls are already begging to go back.  Fun birthday! 

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The Grows said...

You guys are party animals!!!