The McBride's

The McBride's

Sunday, December 28, 2014


Grandpa and Nanny Ruth came to visit!!  I was so happy to have some Christmas visitors and the kids really love their Grandpa and Nanny Ruth!  We did lots of activities with them and they got to do a lot of activities on their own as well.  (Ruth had never been to Hawaii!) These are just a few random pictures from the trip! 
How cute is my dad?  He had to bring his Santa costume on the flight so he could change and show up to see the grandkids in full dress! :)  He took quite a while getting to us because he was asked so many times to stop and take pictures on his way to us.  Best Santa ever of oourse!

Ready for Church!

Lots of beach time.  Nanny Ruth LOVED the snorkeling!

One of the beach days while they were out snorkeling my kids decided to bury each other and then begged me to take some pictures! 

Love when they love playing together!

And they also decided to build the worlds smallest sandman. ;)

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