The McBride's

The McBride's

Tuesday, December 9, 2014


Halloween!!  I'm SURE I've said it before but before having kids I wasn't a big Halloween person.  I didn't hate it or anything it just wasn't my thing.  Now I love letting the kids decide on a costume and dressing up and walking around and giving out candy!  It's just fun!  We went down to the Holtgrewe's of course and Cristine made them mummy dogs for dinner and then we went trick or treating in their neighborhood.  Ryan and Eric made it about an hour before they were ready to go back with Uncle NayNay to hand out candy.  Cristine and I took Lex and Anya (and David in the stroller) to a few more houses and then we headed back too.  It was a good Halloween!
They couldn't wear their costumes to school so we made due to sport our Halloween spirit.

HAHA!!  They really get into character!  LOVE that Anya and Eric were Harry and Hermoine.  Anya just finished the whole series and although Lex LOVES to read everything she hasn't picked up the Harry Potter love from Anya... Yet.

Tried to get them to hold still for a second...

Cristine was the sorting hat and Nate was Lord Voldemont this was Nate's mask that Ryan had to try on!  Uh freaky!

Oh me?  I wore a ninja turtle shirt and called it a day!

We got home and the kids insisted on passing out candy for a few minutes.  Mostly Lex wanted to read and Ryan and David wanted to eat candy.

The loot!  It's been about a month and a half since Halloween and we've given it away thrown it away and the kids have eaten more than the should have and we STILL have like half of this!!  :/

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