The McBride's

The McBride's

Friday, December 26, 2014


When Cristine and I were talking about what to get each others kiddos for Christmas we decided we really wanted to DO something together instead of buying something...  We went through a few options and decided on the water park that all 4 kids have been BEGGING to go to since we moved here.  It doesn't help that it's right off the freeway and we can see it anytime we go just about anywhere (it's less than 10 minutes from our house!)  Cristine had a great idea to get them sunscreen and granola bars to unwrap and see what they would say and then Nate handed them the envelopes with the brochure in them.  It went well especially when we realized how good our kids were because they were ready to say thank you for just the granola bars and sunscreen. 
We went the next day and it was a great day!  Alexis is quite the dare devil and was tall enough to go on every ride (which she did.)  I LOVE water slides but a couple of them even scared me but she still did them all at least 3 times.  Ryan wasn't tall enough to do all of them but she was pretty content on the play area with the nets and smaller slides.  David didn't go this time because I wanted to be able to take the girls on whatever rides they wanted to go on.  We got season passes though so we will be going back because David is free and there is a great area for him to play on!  Don't worry he go exactly what he asked Cristine for EVERY time she asked what he wanted for Christmas.  Applesauce.  And he was happy as can be!
Ready to open their gifts.

Thanks for the sunscreen and granola bars...

We're going to wet n wild TOMORROW!!!
Waiting patiently to go in.
Not sure if you can tell but it was a bit of an overcast day.  The sun did pop out a few times but it turned out perfect because there was no one there!  Most of the rides had NO ONE in line! 

Just a little excited to get this party started.

I actually took zero pictures because I was running around with Lex the dare devil but Cristine got quite a few.  This was definitely Ryan's favorite area and the pink slide in the back was her (and Cristine's HA!) favorite!
McGrewe kids!

Anya and Ryan are too sweet!

A wonderful McGrewe day just missing the McBride men!  :)  We will be back here again!

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